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Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) is the way to train if you want to have fun, be productive in your session and keep it cost effective.

Restricted to a maximum of 4 people, we are able to deliver a hands-on, personalised experience, ensuring that each person in the session is getting what they want out of it. The workouts will run from a set template but at the same time tailored to the individual needs of each participant, regardless of fitness level or previous experience! It is exactly like a very good 1-1 Personal Training session with the added bonus of the group dynamic and atmosphere.

Expert Coaching - Benefit from the same attention to detail that you would in a 1-1 PT session with the added bonus of a fun and motivating group dynamic.

Flexible - Manage your own training schedule by booking your sessions via the app just like you would with other group classes. There are different times and days to suit your availability.

Cost Effective - As previously mentioned, you get all the same benefits of a 1-1 PT session but in a more cost effective and well rounded package. The different membership options cover all disciplines and types of training.

Community - As well as receiving individual and specific coaching, you'll benefit from exercising with other like-minded members of the community - resulting in an enjoyable and motivating session!

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