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At Holloway Health & Fitness we can offer real variety when it comes to group classes. All of our group classes have a maximum capacity of 10 people, allowing for a really fun, engaging atmosphere as well as maintaining a high level of coaching, guidance and support. We have at least 1, but normally more, of each of the following group classes on our weekly schedule:

Hybrid - Our Hybrid class will combine cardio & strength to make the ultimate full body session! A range of equipment and exercises will be used as well as different workout formats in order to provide a fun but tough 1 hour sweat! Very popular, especially on a Saturday morning!

Strength - Continuing the success of the Original Strength Zoom Sessions during lockdown! Our Strength sessions bring the focus away from doing everything as quick as possible, and onto tempo, form & building full body strength and resilience. A great way of complementing other sports or activities you take part in by maintaining strength through your core and other key muscle groups, also great for injury prevention and/or building strength back into previously injured parts of the body!

TRX - TRX Training is one of the most versatile types of training around. All bodyweight, each movement can be adapted to the individual to increase/decrease difficulty, regardless of their fitness level or experience. The TRX classes will be a mixture of strength, cardiovascular and high intensity, as well as being very low impact on your body. The ultimate class for inclusivity!

TRX for Yoga - This exciting new take on Yoga combines Foundational TRX Movements and movement cues with the well known practice of Yoga to challenge the body (and the mind!) in a new way. This class has been very popular with our members!

Stretch - Aid your recovery from the higher intensity and more demanding classes with a full body stretch. Brilliant for relaxing the body and the mind, leaving you in a better place to be able to get the most from your other workouts!

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