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Run club

The Holloway Health & Fitness Run Club started in September 2020 and has grown more and more popular over the weeks since then!

Held on a Wednesday at 6.30pm, the Run Club is designed to accommodate for runners of all speeds and experience, and provide a session that you would not normally do on your own. 

I was aware that people can easily go out and run 5k, 10k or even more in their own time at a speed they are comfortable with. So, I have created a session that challenges each person in different ways: Run/walk intervals, longer intervals with a walking recovery, hill sprints and more! These are types of running sessions that people often would not do by themselves! 

Anyone can take part in Run Club - you are NOT too slow! Run Club is included in all of our memberships or alternatively can be booked via

the app for £5 per session. If you'd like to come along and try it out first then contact me directly and the first session is free!

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